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University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute

Promoting collaborative research on biodiversity conservation and its impacts

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Nigel Leader-Williams

by Alison Harvey last modified Jul 25, 2016 11:27 AM

Director, MPhil in Conservation Leadership

Subject groups/Research projects

Conservation Interventions:
Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Other Human Needs:
Threats to Biodiversity:
Protected Areas/Important Areas for Biodiversity:
  • applied ecology and endangered species management
  • law enforcement and illegal use of wildlife
  • sustainable resource use
  • community-based conservation
  • protected area design and management
  • conservation strategy and policy
  • evaluating success in conservation
Engaging People with Nature Conservation:

Departments and Institutes


Key Publications

Harris RB, Cooney R, Leader-Williams N. Application of the anthropogenic allee effect model to trophy hunting as a conservation tool.. Conserv Biol 27(5):945-951 Oct 2013 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Leader-Williams N. Fate riding on their horns - And genes?. ORYX 47(3):311-312 2013 (Journal article)   
Wong W-M, Leader-Williams N, Linkie M. Quantifying changes in sun bear distribution and their forest habitat in Sumatra. Animal Conservation 16(2):216-223 2013 (Journal article)   
Ashenafi Z, Leader-Williams N, Coulson T. Consequences of human land use for an afro-alpine ecological community in Ethiopia. Conservation and Society 10(3):209-216 2012 (Journal article)
Inogwabini BI, Leader-Williams N. Effects of epidemic diseases on the distribution of bonobos.. PLoS One 7(12):e51112 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Gaveau DLA, Curran LM, Paoli GD, Carlson KM, Wells P, Besse-Rimba A, Ratnasari D, Leader-Williams N. Examining protected area effectiveness in Sumatra: Importance of regulations governing unprotected lands. Conservation Letters5(2):142-148 2012 (Journal article)   
Baker J, Milner-Gulland EJ, Leader-Williams N. Park Gazettement and Integrated Conservation and Development as Factors in Community Conflict at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. Conservation Biology 26(1):160-170 2012 (Journal article)
Wong W-M, Leader-Williams N, Linkie M. Quantifying changes in sun bear distribution and their forest habitat in Sumatra. Animal Conservation 2012 (Journal article)   
Baker J, Milner-Gulland EJ, Leader-Williams N. Park gazettement and integrated conservation and development as factors in community conflict at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda.. Conserv Biol 26(1):160-170 Feb 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Brodie JF, Muntifering J, Hearn M, Loutit B, Loutit R, Brell B, Uri-Khob S, Leader-Williams N, du Preez P. Population recovery of black rhinoceros in north-west Namibia following poaching. ANIM CONSERV 14(4):354-362 Aug 2011 (Journal article)  
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Leader-Williams N, Sandbrook C. New Masters in Conservation Leadership. ORYX 45(1):13-13 Jan 2011 (Journal article)
Wibisono HT, Linkie M, Guillera-Arroita G, Smith JA, Sunarto, Pusparini W, Asriadi, Baroto P, Brickle N, Dinata Y, et al..Population status of a cryptic top predator: an island-wide assessment of tigers in Sumatran rainforests.. PLoS One6(11):e25931 2011 (Journal articleAuthor URL