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Professor Andreas Kontoleon

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Land Economy:

Key Publications

Tambunlertchai K, Kontoleon A, Khanna M. Assessing participation in voluntary environmental programmes in the developing world: The role of FDI and export orientation on ISO14001 adoption in Thailand. Applied Economics45(15):2039-2048 2013 (Journal article)   
Bateman IJ, Harwood AR, Mace GM, Watson RT, Abson DJ, Andrews B, Binner A, Crowe A, Day BH, Dugdale S, et al.. Bringing ecosystem services into economic decision-making: land use in the United Kingdom.. Science 341(6141):45-50 05 Jul 2013 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Chami GF, Molyneux DH, Kontoleon AA, Dunne DW. Exploring network theory for mass drug administration. Trends in Parasitology 29(8):370-379 2013 (Journal article)   
Vira B, Kontoleon A. Dependence of the Poor on Biodiversity: Which Poor, What Biodiversity?. 52-84. 2012 (Chapter)   
Munroe R, Roe D, Doswald N, Spencer T, Möller I, Vira B, Reid H, Kontoleon A, Giuliani A, Castelli I, et al.. Review of the evidence base for ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation to climate change. Environmental Evidence 1(1):13-13 Jan 2012 (Journal article)   
Morse-Jones S, Bateman IJ, Kontoleon A, Ferrini S, Burgess ND, Turner RK. Stated preferences for tropical wildlife conservation amongst distant beneficiaries: Charisma, endemism, scope and substitution effects. Ecological Economics78:9-18 2012 (Journal article)   
Voors M, Bulte E, Kontoleon A, List JA, Turley T. Using Artefactual Field Experiments to Learn about the Incentives for Sustainable Forest Use in Developing Economies. AM ECON REV 101(3):329-333 May 2011 (Journal article)   
Kontoleon A, Pascal U, Smale M. Agrodiversity for Economic Development: What do we know?. In Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Economic Development. Editors: Kontoleon A, Smale M, Pascual U. Routledge 18 Feb 2011 (Chapter)
Voors M, Turley T, Kontoleon A, Bulte E, List JA. Exploring whether behavior in context-free experiments is predictive of behavior in the field: Evidence from lab and field experiments in rural Sierra Leone. ECON LETT 114(3):308-311 Mar 2012 (Journal article)   
Mullan K, Grosjean P, Kontoleon A. Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural-Urban Migration in China. WORLD DEV 39(1):123-133 Jan 2011 (Journal article)