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by Alison Harvey last modified Jan 28, 2015 02:19 PM

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As a hub for conservation research within the University, the UCCRI has set up a directory where academic staff and graduate students working on biological, physical, and social aspects of biodiversity conservation can register with their details and topic of research. The aim of establishing such a directory is to highlight the diversity of conservation research in the University and to ensure easier accessibility and networking.

If you would like to be listed in the UCCRI Research Directory please submit a request form.

 Joining the UCCRI Directory means:

  • Regular updates on funding opportunities emailed to you
  • Regular conservation-related events, activities and news emailed to you
  • Support and guidance with conservation grant applications (including sourcing potential collaborators)
  • Invites to UCCRI-led workshops and conference
  • Possible UCCRI funding for small events/projects

To search the UCCRI Database Click Here

Academic Staff (including PostDocs)


Graduate Students

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