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Early Career Interdisciplinary Conservation Programme

by Alison Harvey last modified Apr 20, 2017 07:57 PM

Early Career Programme in Interdisciplinary Conservation Research

Easter Programme 2017

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Open to all PhD students and Postdocs whose research is related, but not exclusive, to conservation and environmental issues or have a strong interest in this field and would like to meet researchers who work in this area, with a possibility of collaborating in the future. 

The Programme has been set up to encourage graduates and postocs to collaborate from a wide range of disciplines through shared skills workshops, seminars, talks and other activities. There are two main elements to each session which are a shared activity such as a seminar or workshop, and an opportunity to network with each other as well as the speakers afterwards over a lunch. 

All events will take place in the David Attenborough Building, the new conservation campus on the New Museum Site in Cambridge.

Please pre-register for all events

Leadership Talk

Learning to lead: an elephant-strewn path to becoming my own PI - Dr Hannah Mumby

27th April, 5pm – 6pm, Room 1.25b

Please pre-register

Hannah will be talking about her research on elephant life histories, reproduction and interaction with the environment, including major projects in Myanmar and South Africa, working alongside governmental and NGO colleagues. Alongside this, Hannah will discuss the key issues in leadership she has experienced as an early career researcher – independence and developing projects; acquiring funding, spending it and producing outputs; hiring team members and supervising a team; managing and maintaining a field site; and developing collaborations with academics and NGOs.

Interactive Workshop

Stakeholders are people too! Seeing beyond labels to find pathways to impact 

4th May, 11am – 1pm, Room 2.49, followed by Lunch

Please pre-register

An interactive workshop by experienced facilitators from the Luc Hoffmann Institute, to provide you with the tools to identify and collaborate effectively with the stakeholders in your research projects.

When designing research studies we often think about the different actors or stakeholders who might be effectively engaged to help meet project outcomes. But who are these stakeholders?  And how can you ensure you engage with the right groups of people? 

Often assembled within categories such as 'science' (research), 'policy' and 'practice', stakeholders are a wide range of organisations and individuals, potentially drawn from multiple scales, geographies and disciplines.  In this workshop you will learn concepts and tools, such as Theory of Change and basic network mapping tools, to help you distinguish the right people and ensure maximum effectiveness for your research outcomes.

Interactive Workshop

Conservation Science and Society

11th May, 11am – 12pm, followed by Lunch

Please pre-register

This interactive workshop for all conservation researchers provided by UCCRI's Jasper Montana will explore three sticky questions on the relationship between conservation research and society: Why do governments make different decisions based on the same scientific evidence? When is a scientific issue not only a scientific issue? When does science prescribe rather than support policy outcomes?

Exploring these questions through contributed case studies, the workshop will stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion about the tensions between socially sensitive and empirically powerful conservation research.

Interactive Workshop

Conservation Across Disciplines

18th May, 11am – 12pm, followed by lunch

Please pre-register

This interactive workshop provided by UCCRI's Jasper Montana will break down traditional disciplinary boundaries by examining how different ideas of ‘good science’ drive our approaches to research.Through participant contributions, the workshop will be an opportunity to explore what good research looks like to different fields and consider the opportunities and challenges these differences present to interdisciplinary collaborations                             .


Interdisciplinary Conservation 

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